Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

The automazioni Rimini Company selects the very best components of Italian production to make legitimate do-it-yourself assembly kits. Each kit supplied is full with all of the features necessary for the automation assembly and is accompanied by clear assembly instructions with diagrams and drawings. The help service is at your disposal if there be some doubts about the meeting or development of the kit supplied. Gates in the assembly kit supply all of the elements for gates in gathering kits, both of the sliding type and with leaves or folding.

When purchasing online, they’ll request to define some tastes such as the length of the manuals, the dimensions of the rack, the number of photocells, the amount of remote controllers, the existence of a battery, etc.. The gates in gathering kits are available with both 12 / 24V and 220V electricity supplies. The underground actuators for swing gates and folding gates are particularly the most fascinating products. These special components – where construction quality is an extremely important factor – make it feasible to make invisible automation, the actuators are, in actuality, underground, and there are no observable drives.

The kits with subterranean actuators are available for single leaf gates and 2 leaf gates, automazione cancelli rimini has various car-saving automation, both barrier type and ground-mounted bollard type, among the most fascinating products is the solar-powered parking barrier, This kit lets you make an automation which saves parking distance without having to carry power cables, Operation is guaranteed by the dual battery and solar panel system integrated into the automation cabin.

The electronic control unit controls and prevents the chain from hitting or lifting some barriers. The electronic control unit also stands out for its very low consumption (only 30 mA) in standby way to significantly reduce the usage of power; coupled with the battery (optional), it allows the automation to function for several hours even in the event of a blackout. Order your chain lifter automation out of automazioni Rimini.

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