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Launched in 1996 from Prof. Simon N. Gicharu in Kenya,” MKU (Mount Kenya College ) is a renowned institution for greater schooling. The college can be found within an urban environment, with the major campus at Thika on the outskirts of Nairobi. It’s branch campuses in several other cities and towns in Kenya. Anyway, it runs campuses in a lot of countries. MKU is officially regarded and licensed from the Kenyan Education Commission. It has a significant enrolment rate with more than 50,000 pupils at present. Really , it really is but one among the biggest co educational universities from the southern American country region.

MKU delivers a more diverse array of applications and courses which are formally recognized globally, including as bachelor’s degreesand master’s levels, and research degrees. It also gives certification and degree classes in most subjects. You are able to stop by the state website for more info on the courses, entrance construction, charges, campuses, etc.. MKU has a particular admission structure based on students’s previous grades and instructional record. Additionally, it accepts international applicants. The faculty provides several non-academic and academic products and services to college pupils. Included in these are libraries, housing, monetary aids, scholarships, sports facilities, trade applications, learning online, and online classes.


Because its origin, MKU has been seeing a massive growth. It is seen in the rising quantity of admissions to undergraduate and post-secondary classes. The university attempts to be a beacon of innovation which frees talent in science engineering technology, and development. It intends to generate, disseminate, and preserve information. The faculty’s mission will be to create scientific, cultural, and technological mindsets through quality analysis and instruction. It gives conducive work and learning environment. To obtain further details on MKU kindly go to

The Mount Kenya college promotes accomplishment in academic excellence and successful project prospects in the future. It’s spent wisely and significantly in proficient faculty to allow pupils to attain their whole potential. MKU is a leader in utilizing Communications and Information technology to encourage learning and teaching. It’s blended standard learning with e-learning to provide pupils a dynamic and adaptive learning experience. All these facets have generated MKU a pioneer in supplying quality instruction in the African region. Indeed, it has been assist 1000s of discerning, ambitious pupils to scale greater heights within their educational pursuits.

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