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Football, also called soccer in other countries, is among the most famous and well-known sports globally. Its parent body, FIFA, had estimated that there are 250 million people who play this sport. This estimation was done at the beginning of the present century, i.e., the 21st century. So, today, it might be more than that. Its popularity continues to grow. Football is a team sport where two teams perform. Each team consists of eleven players, including a goal-keeper. It is performed for ninety minutes with intervals of fifteen minutes at max after completing twenty five minutes.


The team winning more goals wins the game. When there’s a draw, then the punishment determines the winner. A variety of rules guides this sport. This game has earned enthusiasts from people of all ages. There is absolutely no gender classification, also, to perform or be a fan. Even if one can’t or doesn’t play, any game is thoroughly enjoyed watching. Fans are also quite knowledgeable and may even predict the approaches of playing teams and their matches.

A contusion is common to the shin and thighs, This injury can be modest, but it may lead to complications if it is acute, Bruises occur whenever there is body contact with the force, Its symptoms include swelling and pain, Tendon lesions are primarily connected with the Achilles tendon and other tendons, These are a few of the injuries Soave players experience, These injurious are preventable and curable, But sometimes, if injuries are severe, players can jeopardize many things in existence. So, prevention is required for all sorts of accidents and also avoid long-term effects.

The quote- sports unite people is basically witnessed from this game. Fans from all over the globe gather and connect to see and support their favorite clubs and players. It is a celebration. Football is dearly loved by most, and people play for fun as a hobby. It is also a career route, just as with any other sport. Many well-known and famous players inspire people not only to play but in a variety of aspects of life also. This sport is celebrated by millions of fans from every corner of the world.

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